Welcome to the epicenter of Revolutionary Humanism.


This website exists for the purpose of spreading the ideology of revolutionary humanism, and to organize the creation of the International Revolutionary Humanist Movement, which is the proposed organization that will propagate the ideology.

When we say revolutionary humanism, we mean it literally, in that we propagate a militant, strident, and aggressive form of humanism, that intends to bring revolutionary change and reform, by overthrowing the world's anti-humanist regimes, and their replacement with humanist regimes [A definition of anti-humanist can be found in our Glossary]. This is not to be confused with Renaissance Humanism, or what we know today as secular humanism. We deem the older, previous forms of humanism, as tepid and toothless. We do, however, have a deep respect for the philosophy produced by the great humanist thinkers such as Corliss Lamont, Thomas Jefferson, and Socrates, for their thoughts and ideas are the foundation upon which we have built revolutionary humanism.

This ideology, while humanist in spirit, differs from the mindset of virtually all other humanist philosophers - with the possible exception of Frantz Fanon - in that it openly and unapologetically calls for a martial and militant ethos, in order to defend against the enemies of our form of humanism. It also refuses to, except in the case of civilian opposition, engage in a blanket condemnation of, and abstention from, violence. 

Revolutionary humanism will be spread and implemented with the political and social combativeness that we have come to expect from organized religion, and political ideologies. It will make no apologies for causing offense to dogmatists, in the process of criticizing and refuting their dogmas, be they religious, ideological, or nationalistic.

To learn more about us, what we believe, and what we wish to implement, kindly go through our literature archives, to see what we say in our writings.

To know more, click below to read the Statement of Principles of revolutionary humanism, which are the foundation of the ideology.