This page contains links to research papers that substantiate a variety of claims that are made throughout this site about the nature of reality. 

Specifically, the research papers detail the correlative, and perhaps causative, relationships between different phenomena. 

For example, we have a research paper, published on this page, which explores the relationship between socio-political freedom and national stability, by analyzing the mean scores on the Global Peace Index, for two sets of countries. One set comprises of fifty highly democratic countries, and the other set comprises of fifty highly nondemocratic countries. Our research found that there is a significant difference between the Global Peace Index scores between the two sets. This led us to conclude that socio-political freedom plays a significant role in national stability, which aligns with what we know about the nature of freedom.

In our papers, we execute statistical tests to detect significant differences in the mean values of variable sets, in order to determine the relevance of any relationship that may exist. When we discover relationships, we determine the degree to which one phenomenon influences the other, often in terms of percentages.

We publish our own research papers, rather than solely relying on third-party research, for the purpose of better understanding the facts we present. We also do this to highlight that we are not merely ideologues and activists, but researchers as well.

We also make it a point to publish research papers that show results that go against our interests. This serves two purposes:

  1. It ensures – and displays – our own objectivity in making our arguments, and
  2. It preemptively neutralizes any effort to paint us as intolerant of facts that contradict our position, and thus, no better than those we criticize.

If you would like a copy of any specific dataset in order to replicate our analyses, feel free to contact us, in order to make a formal request.

Now, onto the papers themselves.